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Why in the world??

CBS reveals that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE – the Federal bureaucracy that controls said items.)  has been allowing firearms to be transferred illegally from gun dealers in the United States to drug cartels in Mexico.  The BATFE has had a policy of approving the transfer of firearms by the gun dealers to criminals.  (Each firearm sale by a licensed dealer is approved by the government by one method or another.)  Not only did they allow it; they also taped it as you can see from the video attached here.  (The interesting thing is that CBS even reported it.)


OK, Bunkie, ask yourself:  “Self, why in the world would they do that?”

“They” said that it was so they could “take down” the people at the top.  But, they busted nobody and the guns they allowed through have been (and will be) used in uncounted murders, including even that of a fellow agent.  Money talks and B–L S–T walks, so the bottom line is that the BATFE has been arming the drug cartels and contributing to the 30,000 some murders that have taken place!  Why would an agency of the United States Government aid in the arming of these brutally violent drug gangs?

I can make a guess:  By sending arms to the drug cartels in Mexico, it increases the violence.  Then the firearms are recovered and traced back to the United States.  That, in turn, gives the BATFE and the Donks a reason to limit OUR firearms freedoms and eventually confiscate every firearm that you and I have purchased legally.  After all, they have our names and addresses and the capability of confiscating some 90% of the firearms sold since 1968.  And Mrs. Bubba Clinton is pushing for a United Nations treaty to limit OUR firearm ownership.

The bottom line is:  By contributing to the senseless murders in Mexico they create more propaganda for them to push their anti-gun agenda.  People are murdered  as a direct result of their actions and the Donks just don’t care.

Pray for our country.


Steamboat Jack (my evil twin)


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When I read the head line for this post at the WSJ, I was curious.  But, Ms. Noonan is right.  The Tea Party movement IS saving the Republican party from the likes of GW.


 Poor GW went to Washington believing in a fantasy. When he was Governor of Texas, the head of the Democrats in the legislature, Bob Bullock, worked with him to make Texas a better state. To paraphrase what Bob said of GW: he was the best Governor we have ever had. You could trust him to keep his word.

GW thought that he could conduct business the same way when he became President. For example, he let that drunken fool Kennedy write the No Child Left Behind act. Less than a year later Kennedy was making speeches about how GW had betrayed the children of America with his education policies.

In fact shortly after 9-11 Kennedy and Kerry started the attack to cause GW to fail. Watch the State of the Union speech for 2005. GW is nearly begging the Democrats to help him reform Social Security and save the financial future of our children. Then watch the 2006 address. The Democrats are booing poor GW when he says how they caused him to fail in saving our country. And watch Hillary. She is gloating.

Repeatedly, poor GW reached out in friendship and repeatedly the Democrats spit on him. And he never learned.

While GW wasn’t the only Republican to “reach across the aisle” (Specter, Snow, et al) he was the one labeled as most representing conservative principles and he certainly has the highest profile.

Poor GW compromised with the Democrats to be “bipartisan”. For a Republican, you can’t out-Democrat the Democrats. You can only betray the reason people voted for you.


Steamboat Jack (my evil twin)

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If it wasn’t obvious before, perhaps you understand at last.

Finally a politician that speaks the truth about Social Security.  It was designed from the beginning to separate you and I from the money we earned.  It’s OUR money.  WE earned it.  The promise was that Social Security would use our money to take care of us when we got old.  That was only a half-truth.  Well maybe even a whole lie.  As in many thing in life FOLLOW THE MONEY.  Social Security was, and is, a hoax, a giant Ponzi scheme that, at long last, is beginning to collapse due to its basic premise. 

For the first time, a politician finally expresses the contempt that our “betters” have for us.  Contempt for us being stupid enough to believe them:

Sen. Alan Simpson, the co-chairman of President Obama’s bipartisan debt commission, who described Social Security as a “milk cow with 310 million tits!” in an email.

See here:  http://money.cnn.com/2010/08/25/news/economy/alan_simpson_fiscal_commission/index.htm

All that money that you and I have contributed over the years.  We didn’t deserve to keep it, so the government took it away from us.  Some they gave to people who deserved it more.  But the real purpose was to get their hands on the rest of the money.  Tens, hundreds of thousands of dollars from each one of us.  A fountain of money.  A SURPLUS of $2.5 trillion.  Gone.  THERE IS NOTHING  LEFT BUT DEBT.  Debt that our kids are going to have to pay back.  The fools that you and I have elected spent ALL of our Social Security taxes. 

It’s gone.   The entire $2.5 trillion surplus.

By the way, have you paid into Social Security? 

Guess what, Bunkey.  YOU are one of the 310 million tits that the Senator is talking about.  And they plan on sucking you dry.

I think that we owe Senator Simpson a vote of thanks.  It’s refreshing to hear the truth.

I got the lead from the Drudge Report.  The Left and the so-called “main stream” media hate him.  If you want to know “why”, it is a subject for another post.



Steamboat Jack (my evil twin)

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Sunday Trivia

John Adams Dix (July 24, 1798 – April 21, 1879) was a Democrat.  Among other jobs, he was elected Senator (D-NY) and was appointed by President James Buchanan (D-PA) as Secretary of the Treasury in 1861.
John Adams Dix was Secretary of the Treasury when Democrats tore these United States apart with secession.  He sent a telegram to the Treasury agents in New Orleans that ordered:
“If any one attempts to haul down the American flag, shoot him on the spot.”  
(From Wikipedia, links below)  His importance at the beginning of the Civil War was in arresting and thereby preventing the Maryland (Democrats, ed.) legislature from meeting. This prevented Maryland from seceding, and earned him President Lincoln’s gratitude.  Considered too old for field command, Dix’s most distinguished contribution during the war was the suppression of the New York Draft Riots in July 1863.   
Notes on the Draft Riots of 1863:
 The rioters in 1863 Draft Riots in New York were mostly from Democrat, primarily Irish, political gangs that feared and hated black people.  
 “a virtual racial pogrom, with uncounted numbers of blacks murdered on the streets”.  
(The recent movie, Gangs of New York, showed racial harmony.  That’s Horse Puckey.  I wonder why the writers and directors chose to tell you a lie?  Are they afraid that you can’t handle the truth?  ed.) 
The poor Irish were afraid that freed slaves would take their jobs.  There were also legitimate grievances with the draft but the most explosive cause was racism: they feared for their survival. 
I hasten to say that not all Irish were involved.  (Full disclosure: I am Irish on my Grandmother’s side and I am proud of what the Irish have done in this country. ed.) The 69th Regiment of the Irish Brigade, “The Fighting Sixty-Ninth” or the “Fighting Irish”,  was one of the bravest and hardest fighting units of the Civil War.  
 “Faugh a Ballagh” 
The battle cry of the Fighting 69th, Irish Gaelic for “Clear the Way.”   
If only present day Democrats could find guidance in the  memory of John Adams Dix.  
If only…………..


 Steamboat Jack (my evil twin) 

Additional reading.  A note on Wikipedia:  their organization has a strong liberal bias.  It can be useful, but keep in mind that “truth is not their most important product”




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A call to arms

Not a lot of reading for today’s post.  A very well done video instead.  It seems to be modeled after the Declaration of Independence.



Thanks to a tip from Michael N.


Steamboat Jack (my evil twin)

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Over and over again

See here:


And previous post here :



Steamboat Jack (my evil twin)

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The Congressional Republicans have set up a way for you to vote on spending cuts (sort of).

The House Minority Whip, Eric Cantor is heading up an effort for you speak out.  Every week, there is a place to vote on a program to cut.  It’s easy:


Some time ago, my younger brother, a Berkeley Liberal, asked a very pertinent question:  “why?”  The question actually was “why have the Communists around the world murdered some 120 to 170 million people?”  Still, it’s always good to ask “why?”

In this case, I believe that there are a number of reasons for the program:

  • It creates the perception that Republicans are fiscally responsible.
  • It may get people engaged and create activists.
  • If the number of participants gets large enough, it will give the Republicans increased political power for the wars inside the Washington Beltway.
  • It provides an email list of concerned voters to appeal to.

 At any rate, I have and continue to participate.  I can always delete unwanted emails and if the program ends up cutting wasteful spending, then it is worth while.

I encourage you to also participate. 


Steamboat Jack (my evil twin)

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