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A copy of an email service that I got today.  It has an in-depth analysis (which may be true) that
goes far beyond what the so called “Legacy Media” will present.


Pakistan-US: Comment:
Bin Laden and a son are dead, killed in a firefight by US Navy SEALS carried in
two helicopters to Abbottabad, Pakistan, just 35 miles north of Islamabad. The
US commandos took custody of his body to prove he is dead and got away safely.

News services quoted unidentified US officials that the
body was prepared for burial according to the Muslim ritual. Readers might
wonder who gave such an order and why.

The Abbottabad location is important for two reasons. Bin
Laden could not have lived in a compound in Abbottabad without official
Pakistani government sustenance. Abbottabad is an upscale area and a garrison
town, but not so large as to be impersonal. Bin Laden was living in protected
luxury. Many people had to know that and probably will come forward in a little

On 7 December 2001, Bin Laden escaped from the tunnels in
Tora Bora, Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan, with the help of a local warlord
named Hazrat Ali, who betrayed US forces who had hired him to help capture bin
Laden and is now a member of the Afghan Parliament for Nangarhar. Bin Laden and
his gang crossed the Tora Bora mountains to Parachinar, Pakistan, where a
Pakistan Army brigade was deployed to ensure his capture if he crossed the
border. They failed, of course. He headed east to Kohat, another Army garrison
town and disappeared.

The distance from Kohat to Abbottabad is several hundred
kilometers by road, but the two towns are part of the Pakistan Army network of
garrison towns in the northwest. Bin laden reportedly moved around in the northwest,
but one inference is that bin Laden has been in the safe keeping of the
Pakistan Army for a decade. The news reports suggest the compound was specially
built for him and his enterprise, which had to have been subsidized by Pakistan
and, through Pakistan, by US aid to Pakistan.

Secondly, his compound could not have been attacked from
Afghanistan, him killed and his body taken by US Navy SEALs flying US
helicopters so close to Islamabad without official Pakistani government
cooperation. The US insisted Pakistan played no part in the operation and that
the team flew from Afghanistan. That clearly is a cover story for Pakistani
public consumption to try to avert overwhelming anti-Pakistan and anti-US
demonstrations, which are probably inevitable in any event.

Abottabad is not some remote village on the border. It is a
large town in eastern Pakistan, on the main road to Kargil and the north as
well as to Muzaffarabad and Pakistani Kashmir to the east. It is northeast –
towards India – of Islamabad and within the Pakistan air defense intercept zone
for the national capital which is protected by the Pakistani integrated air
defense system. Nothing can fly in that region without detection and without
permission from the Pakistan Air Force, even from Afghanistan.

The conclusion is inescapable that the Pakistan Army
protected bin Laden and recently decided to give him up, rather than sacrifice
the Army’s relationship with the US. The terms are not known as yet, but there
certainly is a trade in which bin Laden was sacrificed. The trade might involve
an end to US drone attacks across the border, which humiliate the Pakistan
Army, or a new coordination regime for drone attacks into Pakistan.

Bin Laden was a hero in Pakistan. He stood up to the United
States and lived …for ten years. Readers should expect an enormous backlash
against Americans.

If the Pakistan civilian government survives, it will be
because of the cover story that the US acted unilaterally. If the cover story
works, on the surface, the US and Pakistani relationship will appear in the
international media to take a nose dive. That will not be the truth, though few
Pakistanis will know the truth. If the cover story is not believed, the
government will not likely survive. There will be investigations by the
National Assembly.

One lesson of analysis of terrorist behavior is that
terrorists are most vulnerable when they move about. A month or so ago, Asia
Times online
published a report about bin Laden’s movements in the
border regions. Those reports look credible. Abottabad has good access to the
western border and bin Laden had Pakistani protection. Movement to the border
would have posed no major problems, but movement always increases the risk of

Bin Laden was killed with two couriers, whose fate is not
reported. The point is that this operation had to have inside help. The
increased contacts and movements woould have increased the circle of
people who knew bin Laden’s location and, thus, the likelihood of a
serious security breach, especially by low-paid staff.

A final point is that the operation appears to have
been a success primarily of human source intelligence and special
forces operations, not the drone program, though every asset probably had some
role. Bin Laden’s mansion compound was  too near Islamabad for any
armed drone attacks.

Afghanistan: Comment:
The death of bin Laden will put to the test whether the Taliban and anti-Afghan
government fighting groups are an extension of al Qaida or home grown rebels.
The NightWatch hypothesis is that bin Laden’s death will have little to
no impact on the fighting in Afghanistan. If that hypothesis proves accurate,
then the anti-Kabul fight will clarify as a Pashtun uprising that is not
connected to al Qaida in any substantive way.

Similarly, if the Pakistani Taliban continue their
terrorist fight against the government in Islamabad, that also will undermine
the AF/PAK linkage. In other words, decapitation of al Qaida will not make
Afghanistan or Pakistan more secure. It is a victory of justice visited on a
mass murderer. The myth of the bin Laden narrative as the root of America’s
security problems should die with bin Laden.


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For your consideration

An analysis of problems in the US Navy.  It sounds accurate and, if so, is probably a result of “bureaucrat politicians” taking control.  For them, the goal is whatever advances the bureaucracy and their careers.  Fortunately for us, there are no viable threats on the immediate horizon.  Unfortunately for us, the current regieme is decreasing our ability to defend ourselves at the same time they are alenating every ally we have and bowing down to every enemy.

From:  http://www.strategypage.com/dls/articles/The-US-Navy-And-Internal-Rot-8-2-2010.asp

The U.S. Navy And Internal Rot
by James Dunnigan
August 2, 2010

The U.S. Navy has noted a decline in the readiness (for operations, and combat) of its ships over the past decade, and finally conducted an intense inspection of the situation. What was found were several trends, all of them bad, that resulted in it being much more difficult, and often impossible, to maintain ships as they had been in the past. The biggest problem was leadership at the top, which allowed this to happen. The leadership angle was not mentioned in any of the recent studies, but it is at the heart of all the other problems.

Getting down into the details, the most obvious problem is that the ships are getting older, and so is their equipment, especially the electronics. As stuff gets older, it becomes more difficult to get spare parts, or to get them on a timely basis. This is particularly true with Cold War era electronics, which have since been replaced, in the commercial market,  by several generations of new (cheaper and more efficient and reliable) gear. The navy chose to try and maintain the older systems. It has not been working at the ship level. Worse yet, the procurement bureaucracy has not kept up with the times (it’s a real hassle to order anything), and sailors often give up on trying to get spares, especially when their officers can’t make the system work either. All this was made still worse by navy attempts to “streamline” things resulted in smaller spare parts budgets for ships (sometimes based on false belief in a faster spares delivery system that did not exist). Another streamlining disaster was a push for “minimum manning” (only having as many sailors on board as you actually needed). The analysis done to find the optimal crew levels ignored (or simply missed) a lot of manpower intensive jobs that led to many more ships failing their readiness inspections.

The senior admirals now have all this staring them in the face. The question is, can they fix what their predecessors screwed up? The fixes are expensive, and there is still a lot of pressure in the navy to spend lots of money to replace aging ships. To fix the current readiness problems means you will not be able to afford some  new ships. The fix is replacing older equipment in current ships, with new, more reliable and easier to maintain systems. Most of the problems are on surface ships (the “surface combatants” like frigates, destroyers and cruisers). Most admirals see the carriers and nuclear ships as the key naval vessels. Should money be shifted from subs and carriers to fix the surface combatants, and similar problems aboard carriers and subs? The navy budget is shrinking, and the answers to these questions will be pretty obvious over the next few years. There are definitely two factions in the navy on this subject, and keeping score is as simple as counting new ships built, and the number of existing ships failing their readiness inspections.


Steamboat Jack (my evil twin)

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Way back when poor GW was President, he was going to institute the “surge” in Iraq.  General Petraeus was going to head the effort and GW had him explain the plan to the Democrat controlled Congress.  

Hillary insulted him: she called him a liar in very thinly veiled language:

“…require the willing suspension of disbelief.”


And no apology from the NY Times who ran the “General Betray-us” ad from MoveOn. Org


General Petraeus (and poor GW) told the truth; Democrats lied.

General Petraeus (and poor GW) was right; Democrats were wrong.

General Petraeus (and poor GW) were doing their best for our country and the future of our children; the Dems were doing everything they could to cause them to fail.

And then there is Bozo Biden on the surge:
“I just think it’s the absolute wrong strategy,” Biden said Tuesday of an increase in troops”


No apology from him either, now he says:

(the surge/Iraq)….. is one of “Obama’s great achievements”


Is the man (and the Democrats for that matter) totally unhinged?

And now, since “I AM the ONE we have been waiting for” relieved General McCrystal of command in Afghanistan, General Petraeus (Betray-us?)is going to save Afghanistan for the Dems.


Pray for our country.

Steamboat Jack (my evil twin)

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A Dead Horse

Here I am, beating a dead horse over and over again! 

We hurtle towards the precipice:





Pray for our country.


Steamboat Jack (my evil twin)

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I hate to beat a dead horse, but in the first article above, they reference a subject in a previous post.  A report was leaked to the press in 2007.  It said that Iran had discontinued its nuclear bomb program.  The Democrats and their witless lap dogs in the media used it to flog poor GW.  They said that it proved that GW was lying and that his lies were just an excuse to attack Iran.  We now know who the liars are; see below for an excerpt.

One of the key judgments of the report stated:

“We judge with high confidence that in fall 2003, Tehran halted its nuclear weapons program; we also assess with moderate-to-high confidence that Tehran at a minimum is keeping open the option to develop nuclear weapons.”

But the senior foreign counterproliferation official who spoke with WTOP says, “We really have not seen any change in Iranian procurement efforts over the last 5 years.”

It used to be that the world community could expect the United States to play the role of policemen.  Much like a good teacher on the playground, the “children” could threaten each other with:  “If only Ms BigStick weren’t here I’d kick your ass”. 

But no more. 

While “I AM the ONE we have been waiting for” flounders in a sea of oil, the rest of the world decides that they will have to take care of themselves.  And THAT’S unpredictable.

Pray for peace.  The gross incompetence of “He who’s Middle Name cannot be spoken” makes war all that much more probable.  I will take no joy in saying: “I told you so”.


Steamboat Jack (my evil twin)

See previous posts:





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In remembrance

Not long after 9-11, a Chaplin with the New York Fire Department wrote an editorial for the Wall Street Journal.  It was a long time ago and I didn’t keep a copy, so I am paraphrasing. 

The Chaplin was in attendance at the Twin Towers on 9-11.  As is usual practice, he offered prayers to the firemen as they went to fight the fire.  Later, he was thinking about the event and he was struck at the percentage and the attitudes of the Firemen.  It seemed to him that, if only subconsciously, they knew that they were going to die.  And they went anyway. 

On this Memorial Day, I would like to suggest that we all take a moment from our celebrations and offer a short prayer of remembrance and thanks.

“Our Dear Lord,

We ask that you bless the Men and Women who put themselves in harm’s way on our behalf.  Please welcome the Fallen into your house and heal their wounds for they have made the ultimate sacrifice as did your son Jesus.  We also ask that you give comfort and strength to the loved ones left behind for they have also sacrificed for us. 

We are truly blessed by those that serve. 

We ask this in the name of your son, Jesus.”

Respectfully Submitted,

Jon Jewett,  Chaplin

American Legion Hunter-Morris Memorial Post 911

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The Enemy…

….of my Enemy is my Friend.

A trite and overused expression, but nevertheless true.  Moslem countries have demonized The Great Satan (us) and The Little Satan (Israel) for generations.  It gave corrupt autocratic dictators cover for their personal and cultural failures.

But now, the Arab countries have a real enemy that is on the brink of threatening their very existence.  (And it is neither The Great Satan nor The Little Satan!) So, NOW what are they going to do?

The United Nations and “I AM the ONE we have been waiting for” have failed in their efforts to keep Iran from achieving nuclear weapons.  Perhaps this will be the world’s salvation.



Steamboat Jack (my evil twin)

PS  The conditions in the Mid-East are unstable, to say the least.  It is interesting to speculate on how it will evolve.  And they will evolve.

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