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Back in a previous lifetime, I used to teach operators how to run nuclear power plants.  So, I actually do know something about this subject, although I am certainly not an expert.  But, I do know more than 99% of the damn fools that pontificate on TV.   If THEY can talk on this subject, then I am also fully qualified to portray a Doctor on television.  (Although “they” refuse to let me prescribe drugs!) 

You might have seen the story wherein John Bolton said that we only have days to stop Iran’s nuclear program:  http://www.jpost.com/IranianThreat/News/Article.aspx?id=185060 

and today:  http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20100821/ts_nm/us_iran_bushehr_launch

Russia is about to fuel the Iranian nuclear power plant at Bushehr.  The idea is that after the power plant has fuel in it, an attempt to destroy it would release wide-spread radiation.  They appear to have “discovered” international laws against it. 

So…who cares and why?  Here’s what it’s all about: 

The concern, of course,  is that Iran is going to make an atomic bomb.  The leader of Iran has said that he is going to use a nuclear bomb to destroy Israel in a nuclear Holocaust.  They have PROMISED!  But it just isn’t that easy; it’s not like making an omelet. 

The technology of making the bomb once you have the fuel is difficult.  But, we can assume that Iran has that technology since the Moslem-Pakistani “scientist” A.Q Kahn sold nuclear technology to rogue nations:  http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/3461855.stm 

Perhaps the most difficult part of the whole process is getting the fuel to make the bomb. There were two materials used for making the bomb.  The only naturally occurring one is a specific isotope of Uranium, i.e. U235.  That isotope is a very small part of naturally occurring Uranium, about 0.7%, with the balance 99.3% is mostly U238.   You need a minimum of 80% U235 for a primitive bomb with 90% the usual enrichment but all you need is a 110 pound chunk.

But….It is a real chore to separate U235 from natural Uranium.  See here for more information:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enriched_uranium 

So…right about now you may be asking yourself, “Self, what does enrichment have to do with anything?” 

Well, I’ve explained how difficult getting the U235 to make a bomb.  But, there is an easier way.  

Nuclear Power Plant fuel is only slightly enriched, at about 3 or 4% U235 and the rest of the Uranium in the fuel is U238.  And a curious thing happens with the U238 in the reactor.  

In the process that creates energy in the reactor, the U238 acts like a “poison” to the reaction.  But….some of the U238 is converted into Plutonium 239, and Pu239 can be used to make a bomb.  You only need about 35 pounds and since the Pu239 is chemically different from all of the other “stuff” in the fuel, you can separate out the Pu239 with relative ease. 

That’s why there is all of the interest in used nuclear power plant fuel.  It has “stuff” in it that can be used for a bomb and it’s easy to separate out.  

Now the Iranians are starting up a nuclear reactor built by the Russians.  And they “promise” to give the used fuel back to Russia for reprocessing.  I am sure that you can trust them just as much as Bubba Clinton and the pathetic fool Jimmy Carter trusted North Korea when they give North Korea nuclear reactors.  

The problem with blowing up a nuclear power plant is: 

When the fuel is first installed, it is only very slightly radioactive.  In addition, the fuel is in the form of chemically inert ceramic pellets.  So, if “They” were to blow up the reactor after it is fueled but before it is started up, there wouldn’t be much radiation released. 

Once the reactor starts up, there are two things that happen.   First, one by-product of the power process is the creation of radioactive waste products.  They start at 0% and build up to some constant value.  The second thing happening is that the ceramic fuel pellets slightly crumble over time.  So, the longer the reactor operates, the greater the danger of releasing radioactivity should someone “blow” it up.

It appears that the Iranians are using U235 enrichment technology for their bomb program.  Also, this particular power plant is of a design that is not very efficient in the production of Pu239. (It is a pressurized water reactor working on thermal neutrons vs. a high temperature reactor working on fast neutrons if you really want to know.)

So, this reactor is useless in the short-term and not very effective in the long-term for making bombs.  Honestly, it would appear that the destruction of the centrifuge facilities are of a higher priority in limiting the Iranian ability to make a nuclear bomb.

I am guessing that all of this is just “Sturm und Drang” for now. 

Word for the week:  Sturm und Drang came to be associated with literature or music aimed at frightening the audience or imbuing them with extremes of emotion.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sturm_und_Drang


Steamboat Jack (my evil twin)


Remember when the Dems and their boot lick media reported the story that Iran had stopped their atomic bomb production?  It was all lies and their lies may still lead to a nuclear Holocaust.



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It seem just like yesterday that Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast.

It was the Harbinger of  Doom.  The Crazed Sex-Poodle (Al Gore, if you missed a previous post) said that we were going to have more and more terrible storms.  A movie showed (by computer generated propaganda) the horror of increasingly severe weather.  Our Civilization was to crumble; our Children were to die, our Plasma Screen TVs wouldn’t work!  We had to transfer all of our wealth to the United Nations to atone for our sin of being successful!

Hey, Bunkie, guess what? 


But……if the earth is not as risk, what is it all about???

As in most things political, FOLLOW THE MONEY!





And the Crazed Sex-Poodle (or is it Sex-Crazed Poodle?) has made $100,000,000 off of this scam.

So, when the Most Learned and Esteemed of the Elite talk about what WE need to sacrifice on the altar of Global Warming, ask yourself:  “Is this person just stupid or actually evil?”

Also, it has crossed my mind that the United Nations has outlived it’s usefulness. 


Steamboat Jack (my evil twin)

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I received a comment about the previous post.  Why would I run something so, ah…distasteful? 

Because the story is important to the future of YOUR family; the future of your children and grandchildren.

Al Gore has used his “stature” as vice-president and Nobel Prize winner to foist a hoax on the American people. 

Should Cap and Trade be enacted, it will destroy the economy of these United States, while enriching Al and his friends.  The increased costs of energy, in addition to all the rest of the burdensome taxes and regulations, will send US manufacturing to China.   (He Whose Middle Name Cannot be Spoken has stated that your power bills “will necessarily skyrocket” .  Utilities have said that it will be about 40%.  For nothing!)

(I’ll bet that you didn’t even know that these United States are still the largest manufacturing country in the world.  Assorted Fools have lied to you for political reasons.  See here: 


Al has already made some $100,000,000 off of the Global Warming hoax.  That’s enough. 

By spreading the story describing Al as a “Crazed Sex Poodle, his “stature” is reduced.  NOBODY will listen to a crazed sex poodle.

 Politics today ARE NOT a “gentleman’s sport” following the Marquis de Queensberry rules.  They are a blood sport where you try to destroy your opponent.  Ever since the Democrats destroyed Robert Bork, that should have been obvious.  The technique is to do everything to destroy your opponent and when he responds, then say he isn’t being civil. 


 You can be fastidious and not “stoop to that level”.  That will get you, your children, and your grandchildren destroyed.  Or, you can fight back.

 The choice is up to you, Bunkie. 


Steamboat Jack (my evil twin)

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When is bad news good?

Studies of various governmental economic policies have shed light on the effects of government spending.  If the government sticks to infrastructure improvements, e.g. building roads, hydroelectric, etc., then the spending will increase economic activity because the spending enables market economic activity.  On the other hand, spending to increase economic activity just doesn’t work. 

For government to spend money, it has to take it from somewhere.  Government doesn’t create wealth; it only consumes.  If it taxes business or business workers, it takes money that would otherwise be  used for economic activity.  If it borrows money, that takes capital that would otherwise be available for economic growth.  If the Government prints money, that causes inflation that lessens the value of everyone’s money; a very real but indirect tax.

There is a simile for government spending to increase economic activity.  It is like trying to increase the water level in the shallow end of a swimming  pool by taking water from the deep end.  In a perfect world, the level would at least stay the same.  Unfortunately, government is not 100% efficient; they spill at least 10% while moving it from the deep end to the shallow end.  Overall, the level goes down, just as economic activity does when the government tries to “stimulate” it.  So this story should be of no surprise:


The “good” news (a subscription is required for the full story, but you can get the idea from the teaser):


The price of gasoline is going to go down.  The commodities traders expect the economy to be stagnant at best or to continue to spiral into the toilet at worst  That means oil companies will not be able to sell as many refined petroleum products. Hence the futures price of crude oil is dropping and that will result in a drop in the price of gasoline.   So, the good news is that we will have less expensive gasoline for road trips.  The bad news is that people can’t take those trips because they can’t find work.


Steamboat Jack (my evil twin)

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The Ship of Fools flounders on, three sheets to the wind!

 (That’s sailor talk describing the current regime.)

Were this regime only a Saturday Night Live skit!




Steamboat Jack (my evil twin)

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Guest post 

Global warming is a hoax designed to separate fools from their money.  Al Gore has made some $100 million and Enron was in the forefront of Cap and Trade legislation.  As I said: A Hoax.  (If you don’t believe me, then send me an email and I will send you the information to understand what it’s about.  A hint: Follow the Money)  

A friend who has been following the Perdernales Electric Cooperative believes that “Greenies” are taking over the PEC.  They will raise your power bills just as they are doing in Austin.  They have decided to raise the utilities some 20% down there.  (See previous post here below.)  For nothing!  It’s a hoax! 

Following is a posting that he has sent to me.  I haven’t followed this topic, but it sounds reasonable considering what the fools have done in Austin.    



-By Eric Stratton, 2008 PEC Board Candidate


The Pedernales Electric Co-op is under a SILENT SEIGE by the environmental extremists and special special interest groups and has been now for 2 years.  They are determined to make PEC an example and to force “green power” down our throats for the sake of climate change at all costs.  As David Foster, the Executive Director of Clean Water Action even stated recently in an email to a PEC member, “The PEC is as you know the largest electric cooperative in the nation, and what is [sic] does can set a healthy precedent for others co-ops.  Energy policy is directly related to water quality and quantity, since conventional methods of producing electricity (coal, natural gas, nuclear) require vast amounts of water…And the burning of fossil fuels is a leading driver of climate change….”  This group alone controls a block of 7,000 votes which has helped ensure liberal victories up and down the ballot in the PEC Board elections the past 2 years–and that’s not counting “Smitty” Smith’s Public Citizen and PEC4U!  

The only way to stop the bloodletting, ensure a conservative victory, and prevent the left from holding 6 OF 7 SEATS ON THE BOARD is to come together and vote as a block ourselves!  As an activist for the past 10 years in the electric cooperative community, and a former candidate for the PEC Board myself, I truly believe that the BEST candidates for the job and to do this are KEN RIGSBEE (DISTRICT 4) and JOE SUMMY (DISTRICT 5).  They are no nonsense CONSERVATIVES who have been ACTIVE IN THE AFFAIRS OF THE PEC for years.  They are running on a platform of “Getting back to the Business of the Business,” focusing on the affairs of running the cooperative as a business and back to basics co-op principles, putting the members first, while moving away from these special interest groups and their single-issue agendas.

So let’s STOP THE SILENT SEIGE of the PEC and VOTE RIGSBEE AND SUMMY for PEC BOARD.  If you lost or tossed out your ballot, please contact the administrator of our elections:   
Election Services Company (ESC)

Mon.-Fri. 9am-4pm CDT

The future of your co-op and your electric power bills depends on YOUR VOTE by June 11th! 


The choice is up to you:  You can do something and perhaps make a difference.  Or, you can do nothing except complain about how life isn’t fair because your power bill went up 20% to 40%.


Steamboat Jack (my evil twin)

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This is important

So, Bunkie, are you concerned about the future of your children?  Are you worried about the Apocalypse du Jour?  One day butter is bad and margarine is good.  The next day, trans fats will kill you so eat butter instead.  In the 1970’s global cooling was going to end life as we know it, but in the ‘30s and the ‘90s it was global warming. 

What’s it all about?  The answer from the movie “All the President’s Men”:

 Bob Woodward: Hunt’s come in from the cold. Supposedly he’s got a lawyer with $25,000 in a brown paper bag.
Deep Throat: Follow the money. 

Here is a video of the closing speech at the 4th International Conference on Climate Change.  It is 61 minutes long and if you have been raised on Sesame Street, then you may not have the attention span to sit through it.  It has some science in it, but it is not too difficult to follow.  The conclusion is particularly important.


Please, this is important.


Steamboat Jack

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